Amazon Rainforest - 5 Heart Stopping Things You Can See Here

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most spectacular places on earth and covers an incredible six million square kilometers of land.

The majority of the forest is situated within Brazil, and thousands of people venture there to explore them every year. The Amazon jungle was nominated as one of the new seven wonders of nature, and it is no surprise why when you see them.

Flora and Fauna - Within the Amazon jungle, there are some incredible plants and flowers that you will see nowhere else in the world. There are a staggering 2500 different species of tree in the rain forest and over 40,000 different plant species. In every single hectare of land throughout the rainforest, there are on average 150 different species of tree. Over 30% of the world's flora and fauna are contained in the Amazon rainforest. 

Amazon Rainforest Tree

Animals in the Rainforest - Alongside the most amazing plants, there are a huge number of exotic animals, insects and birds. There is an overwhelming 2.5 million different insect species within the Amazon jungle, and in one tree alone, there was recorded to have 50 different species of ant.

Butterflies can be seen flying throughout the Amazon rain forest, and there are 7500 different species. One in five of the world's bird population lives in the rain forest. There are also 3000 fish, 427 mammals and 378 reptiles, ensuring that you will see some incredible sights while in the rain forest.

Amazon Rainforest Butterfly

Dangerous Animals - Although there are huge numbers of beautiful creatures throughout the Amazon jungle, there are also some deadly animals. You should never try and make your way through the forest without a guide, who will know which animals, plants and insects pose a threat.

The cougar, jaguar and anaconda roam free throughout the rain forest and can attack you. Within the waters, there are electric eels, and white piranhas, which are well known for attacks on people. There are also vampire bats, poisonous frogs and dangerous insects to have to deal with when you are in the Amazon rainforest. However, it is still worth traveling there to experience the natural beauty.

Amazon Travel Dangerous Animals

City Within the Rainforest - The City of Manaus is situated in the Amazon rainforest and is a breathtaking natural beauty, which is often considered to be the heart of the Amazon. You will be amazed how beautiful this area of the forest is, also how many great bars and restaurants there are to explore. There are some incredible Eco logical centers contained within this area. These help you to understand more of how the rainforest conservation projects work.

Amazon Rainforest Manaus

Magnificent Natural Sights - As well as the stunning trees and plants within the Amazon rainforest, there are also plenty of rivers and waterways. The meeting of the water is one of the majestic sights that you should ensure that you do not miss. This natural phenomenon causes the dark water of the Rio Negro to separate from the clay waters of the Rio Solimoes. The two contrasting colors run side by side, providing an awe-inspiring sight.

Amazon Jungle Rivers

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