Beaches In Rio de Janeiro - The 8 You Must See

Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

The beaches in Rio de Janeiro are one of the major reasons that people love to visit here. The second largest city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has over fifty miles of beach shoreline.

These Brazil beaches are for those who are beach enthusiasts, this offers many activities as well as the option of sunbathing and enjoying the warm weather of this city.

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Arpoador Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rio. It is probably the most famous of all the Brazil beaches. It is between Ipanema and Copacabana and forms the dividing line between the two with a large formation of rock. Approximately a 600-yard area, the beach is sought by many who want a more family atmosphere.

Smaller Arpoador

Abrico Beach is located in the Grumari area and is the beach chosen by those who wish to sunbathe and swim in the nude. This Brazil beach legally became a nudist beach in 2003.

Abrico Beach

Barra da Tijuca Beach
is actually the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the least crowded Brazil beaches you'll find in Rio.

Barra da Tijuca

Botafogo Beach
is not a large area of beach. Rather than a typical beach spot, the area is more of a bay than beach. The waters are somewhat less pristine than others since it is more of an urban beach. Most people do not go swimming or surfing here; they stick more to the sand than the water but there is still plenty to do.

Botafogo Beach

Brazil Copacabana Beach is most often considered when beaches in Rio de Janeiro Brazil are mentioned. Named after the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which is known for attracting wealth and fame, the beach has beautiful white sands, parties 24/7 and activities from volleyball to swimming and soccer to sunbathing. Here's my 5 reasons why this is "THE" beach in Rio.

Copacabana Beach

Ipanema Beach Brazil has approximately two kilometers of beach with white sand. The neighborhood surrounding Ipanema Beach is of the same name and Rua Vincius de Morais is a strip that contains many bars, restaurants and shops. This is the location of the Garota de Ipanema Bar where the words to the song "The Girl from Ipanema" were composed.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Leblon
The beaches of Ipanema Leblon are separated by the Jardim de Ala Canal. To the left of Ipanema Beach is Arpoador. This is a rock that is between Copacabana and Ipanema. It is also one of the best places to watch the sunsets in Rio de Janeiro. Surfers seek out this spot as well. This is one of the more affluent places to visit and enjoy such an amazing Brazil beach.

Ipanema Leblon Beach

Sao Conrado Beach If you go to Rio de Janeiro, located between Leblon and Barra da Tijuca is the Sao Conrado beach. If you want to find the best place to relax in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the area, this is the spot. This Brazil beach has many experienced surfers who choose this destination for the strong waves that are present here. This is not the best place for swimmers who are not experienced, but the water is perfect for surfing.

When you come to Rio you must experience these amazing beaches in Rio de Janeiro. You`ll be glad that you did. Ate logo!

Sao Conrado Beach

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