Arpoador Beach - The 8 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit

Arpoador Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro. It is approximately a 600 yard area and located next to the neighborhood that sports the same name. It is between Ipanema and Copacabana and it forms the dividing line between the two with a large formation of rock. Listed below are 8 reasons why you should come and visit.

Family atmosphere - The crowds are not as thick as other beaches such as Copacabana. That is one of the main reasons it is a sought out by those who want more of a family atmosphere.

Surfing - the waves constantly break on the beach here so it is one of the best for surfing. From sunup to sunset, the surfers come here to catch the waves. The large rocks that are located here are the perfect viewpoint to watch if you would rather not participate. The beach has become so popular for surfers that large floodlights have been set up for night surfing.

Sunsets - Many come to watch the Ipanema sunsets, one of the most beautiful sights in Rio de Janeiro.

Walking - The rocks that are located here have trails that veer off and the views are terrific. Many come to watch the fishermen and families with children enjoy climbing the rocks that face the Atlantic Ocean.

The rocks have lights contained at the base so many choose to walk along the beach at night. The safety of the area is not a concern as long as you do the night walking in groups rather than alone. This beach is located close to the slum area of Cantagalo.

Fishing - The fishermen are fun to watch as they cast multiple hooked lines and reel in dozens of fish. The catch is so good that the fishermen bring their ice chests to hold the fish. Many people come here to buy their fish. Arpoador means "fisherman who harpoon." The fishermen here may not harpoon the fish, but they catch dozens of fish daily.

Praia do Diablo or Devil's Beach - This is a small hidden beach to the left of the rocks. This area has calmer waters and many families come here to swim. The view from here allows you to see Ponte Copacabana. This is where the Copacabana Fort is situated. The presence of a few hotels and restaurants make this a nice area to stay when visiting this very popular beach.

Exercising - What better place to exercise than the beach? This beach is a well-known area for those who like to work out and finding weight lifters and exercisers here is not uncommon.

Cost and Location - In addition to the hotels there are holiday apartments located here that many people choose to rent while enjoying Arpoador Beach. The prices are not extraordinarily expensive and the proximity of Copacabana is one reason that people choose this destination. Many prefer to stay here due to the easy accessibility to the Ipanema and Copacabana neighborhoods. 

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