Barra da Tijuca Beach - 5 Tips You Must Know Before Visiting

Barra da Tijuca is 12 km of beach, actually the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro. The first part of the beach is where the restaurants and bars are located. This is where you can enjoy fresh seafood. There are also barracas on the beach. These are tents that are basically for food and drink. These are 5 tips you must know before you visit. Enjoy your visit!

Surf Lessons - You should definitely take a few surf lessons and try your luck with the waves at Barra. There are many schools nearby that can accommodate you. Taking advantage of lessons is a terrific way of enjoying your vacation and learning a new sport that can allow your trip to Rio de Janeiro to be one you will remember for a long time. The lessons are not expensive and mostly the locals go here. Many instructors are English-speaking as well.

Kite Surfing - Kitesurfing is another adventure you might want to consider. Kite surfing uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a kite board which is like a wakeboard. The tourists as well as locals enjoy kite surfing and there are often championships held here. Some are national and some are international. There are several throughout the year and surfing championships are held too.

Transportation - Many staying in Rio de Janeiro use the buses and vans that access the beach via the Linha Amarela Highway. There are some that pass by other beaches on the way, such as Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon and the downtown area of Rio but do not pass the whole extension of beaches. This means walking for a way at the end of the route. Therefore, the best way of getting to Barra da Tijuca is to take a taxi or by renting a car.

Sunsets - Even if you don't stay at the beach all day, you should at least come right before the sun goes down. The sunsets here are extraordinary, especially if you watch them during the winter months.

Smaller Crowds - The Barra da Tujica beach as well as the area of the same name is a calmer section of Rio de Janeiro. The overcrowding of the beaches elsewhere is not a problem here and there are several beach hotels nearby. They are comfortable and with the easy access to the beach, they make the perfect place to stay while on holiday in Rio de Janeiro. If you are looking for a quieter atmosphere, this may be your best choice.

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