Brazil Flowers - The 5 Most Exotic

Brazil flowers are incredibly beautiful, and will guarantee to brighten up any area which they are placed within. Brazil is a very diverse country, with a huge amount of different ecosystems providing a vast array of flora and fauna.

The country is considered to have the largest collection of beautiful and unusual flowers in the world. There are several different flowers which are native to Brazil, which are stunning.

Orange tropical flowers - These beautiful Brazil flowers are the flowers of the Barbados Pride, and are breathtaking to see in their natural environment. However, they can be grown in the home very easily, and will brighten any garden they are placed within. In Brazil, the orange tropical flowers are typically seen in vines and grow to full bushy shrubs. Although these flowers are small, the large number of them will ensure that they look incredible.

Orange Tropical Brazil Flowers

Laelias - This orchid is indigenous to Brazil and is the country's national flower making it incredibly popular with the people. Although they look very similar to other types of orchids, they have a couple of very distinctive features. The flowers are smaller, with fewer clumps of pollen grain making these flowers very distinctive. The Laelias are fantastic at creating magnificent displays, and look incredible paired with darker flowers.

Laelias Brazil Flowers

Begonia - This perennial plant is found in Brazil and is very popular to see in many of the houses throughout the country. There are over 1500 different species of Begonia in the world, and many of them can be found in Brazil. They thrive in the perfect conditions and excellent climate the country offers. These popular flowers need shade as well as sunlight, making them perfect in the cooler parts of the country.

Begonia Brazil Flowers

Poppy-Papaver Rhoeas - There are several very common names for this poppy, however, this species is common in Brazil. Poppies are a very colourful and vibrant flower, which can be seen in huge numbers in some areas of Brazil. These flowers are so common in some areas, that they are often mistaken for crops. The vibrancy of the Poppy is magnificent and striking ensuring that they look great in any display.

Poppy Papaver Rhoeas Brazil Flowers

Quesnelia Testudo - This genus of the Quesnelia flower is endemic to eastern Brazil and contains 20 different species. Like many of the Brazilian flowers, this species has bright green leaves, which are covered in unique scales. The blooms can be found in clusters and are typically red and violet, which look amazing against the leaves. This flower is incredibly hardy, which suits the climate within Brazil allowing them to bloom easily throughout the year.

Quesnalia Testudo Brazil Flowers

There are many other flowers in Brazil which can be seen and enjoyed throughout the whole country. As with everything in Brazil, the flowers are exciting, vibrant and bring happiness to the people. You will see different varieties of Brazil flowers throughout the whole country. They can be seen in the rain forests, mountain regions and within people's gardens.

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