Brazil Holidays - What Are They & What Is Their Significance?

Brazil Holidays

Brazil holidays are a huge event in the country and there are several throughout the year to celebrate. There are national holidays that everyone celebrates and others that are regional and for designated municipalities.

Every state and city will celebrate independently, ensuring that there are fiestas and holidays all year round.

New Year's Day is of course the beginning of the year for and is a time when people celebrate the arrival of the new year. There are many celebrations, which would have carried on from the night before, ensuring that the city is full of joyous people.

The Carnival in Brazil is celebrated prior to Lent and many tourists travel to Brazil during February for these celebrations. The street carnivals and parades are spectacular, and the costumes are some of the most fascinating in the world. This is the most popular Brazil holiday, which lasts the longest and continues for four days.

Anniversary of the death of Tiradentes - In April, the Brazilians have a couple of different holidays that they celebrate including the Anniversary of the death of Tiradentes. This man was considered a hero throughout Brazil and to this day people still revere him. Although this festival is not as well known as some, it is a Brazil holiday celebrated throughout the country.

May Has 2 Holidays - May the 1st is a holiday that is recognized in several other countries, as it is Labor Day. This day is traditionally declared a day of no work and for some, it is the perfect opportunity to party. The second Sunday of May is Mothers day, which is celebrated all over the country where children will give their mothers gifts and cards.

Corpus Christi is a large holiday and celebrates the body of Christ, which was consecrated in the mass. All Catholic countries celebrate this festival, and in Brazil it is huge, where the churches fill and the people pray. Although this festival has a movable date; it is typically celebrated during June and July.

Independence Day - On September 7th, the people of Brazil celebrate Independence Day, which was the declaration of independence from Portugal. This date is very significant in the Brazilian people minds, as it allowed them to be free of other countries. They began their own path in life, which the Brazilians are incredibly proud of.

Childrens Holiday - The Patron Saint of Brazil is Our Lady Aparecida, and the 12th October is declared the Brazil holiday for children. On this day, the children of Brazil receive gifts from their parents and there are fiestas all over the country. There is typically no school on this day for the children, which makes it a very happy event.

November Has 2 More Holidays - November the 2nd is the day of the dead, which is celebrated throughout religious countries. All soul's day is typically celebrated by taking candles and flowers to the cemeteries around Brazil. Allowing the people left behind to remember and celebrate the life of their beloved departed. Also, republic day is in November, which commemorates the birth of the Brazilian Republic.

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