Brazil Time - What Time Is It?

Brazil Time

Brazil time zones are an issue that is discussed a great deal when people look to travel to this incredible country. Travelers like to know whether the time in a country they plan to visit differs from that in their own and by hoe much. For many people having the correct Brazil information will make their vacation far more enjoyable. The fact that Brazil has three time zones can seem complicated, however, once you learn more about them it becomes more clear.

History of daylight saving time- In 1931, daylight saving time was introduced to Brazil; initially the whole country used this system. However, in 1988 it was decided that Brazil time would be split into three separate time zones.

Time zones in Brazil- There are three separate time zones in Brazil and it has been this way for many years. There are proposals in place to switch back to one zone; however, this is still under debate.

Brasilia official time BRT- This is the official time zone that Brazil uses and corresponds to the time in Brasilia. The other time zones are offset from this one and this is useful Brazil information to have if you plan to visit the country. During the summer months, Brazil time changes to UTC 02, however, not all states will change. Some remain on the UTC 03 outside of the summer time hours, which can become confusing if you are travelling throughout the country.

Brasilia time +1- A few of the Atlantic Islands situated off of the east coast of Brazil follow this time zone and continue to do so all year. If you are planning to visit one of these islands, it is an idea to be aware that the time zone is different to the main country. The islands that are included in this time zone are, Trindade, Martin Vaz, Paul Rocks, and Saint Peter.

Brasilia time -1- This area of Brazil falls into both summer time and standard time, and will change from one to the other depending on the time of year. Again not all states within the area follow the guide lines; therefore, it is worth checking all of the Brazil information before travelling. Since 2008 there have been some additions to this area, which now follow this time zone along with others.

Summertime- The daylight saving time is now set to a structured calendar, and begins on the 3rd Sunday of October, and finishes on the 3rd Sunday of February. The only time this date is moved, is if the carnival dates clash, therefore, the date is postponed until the following Sunday. The clocks will be placed one hour forward for these months; however, the states that do not follow this rule will remain offset. 

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