Brazil Tourist Visa - 5 Must Know Facts Before Booking Your Trip

Brazil Tourist Visa

The Brazil tourist visa procedure is of utmost importance when traveling to this amazing country. While Americans can usually get a Brazil Tourist visa without too much trouble, it would be best to know the essentials before submitting the application; this helps to considerably cut down the processing time. So, here are the 5 must know facts that will make things simpler for you.

The validity: Although people from several dozen countries have been spared the trouble of going through the process of getting a tourist visa, Americans still have to get their passports stamped from the Brazilian Embassy to travel to the country. While the consulate can issue a 5 or 10 year Brazilian tourist visa, a traveler can only spend 90 continuous days in Brazil on each trip.

The documents: Before applying for the Brazil tourist visa, it would be best top get all the documents ready, you will need:

* A US passport valid for at least 6 months beyond applicant's stay in Brazil; must contain at least one visa page.

* One 2x2 recent, passport sized photograph clicked against a white background; computer photos will not be accepted.

* 2 copies of the signed visa form

* Photocopy of applicant's US driver's license

* Proof of departure

* A copy of the US alien card if the applicant is not a United States citizen.

Unfortunately, the requirements may vary greatly depending the consulate that services the city you live in. For instance, people who live in the Chicago jurisdiction will also need a sworn statement that the documents are truthful while people in the Hartford consulate jurisdiction will need a signed letter of authorization. Similarly, a person from Chicago who intends to stay with his/her friends when in Brazil will need to get an official invitation from his/her host.

The fees: The reciprocatory fee came into effect for American citizens desirous of traveling to Brazil on June 4, 2010. So, the current visa processing fee stands at $160. The Brazilian consulate only accepts postal money orders issued in the name of the Consulate General of Brazil

Visa requirements for minors:If you are traveling with children who are below the age of 18, special visa requirements will have to be followed. A host of additional documents will have to be submitted which include:

* The original birth certificate with a copy. If the original birth certificate cannot be submitted, the copies will have to be notarized.

* If parents are not traveling with the child, a notarized letter of content from the parents will also be needed

* Polio immunization record for children in the ages of three months to six years.

The travel itinerary: Tourists will also be expected to furnish proof of onward travel which will usually be the airline reservation for travel in and out of Brazil. Unfortunately, this can pose a problem for people who do not want to book a plane ticket without getting the Brazil tourist visa. The consulate requires a copy of the round -trip ticket or a booked itinerary which mentions the arrival and departure date, flight numbers , passenger name etc.

If you have booked a cruise to Brazil, you will need to supply the itinerary of the cruise with your name on it and a round trip ticket to and from the port of departure and arrival.

Plan well in advance since the Brazilian visa processing time can vary greatly. For instance, in New York, it is possible to get a Brazil tourist visa in 6 to 7 days while it can take as much as 23 business days to get your passport stamped in Atlanta. Apart from this people from consulate jurisdictions of Atlanta and Chicago and sometimes also those in Washington DC will be required to furnish proof of adequate funds to cover stay in Brazil. I hope these tips for attaining the Brazil tourist visa have been helpful. Ate logo!

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