Brazilian Martial Arts - 5 Things that Makes them Different

The enthusiasm for Asian, American and Brazilian martial arts has skyrocketed over recent years. Among these powerful and effective techniques currently being taught it appears obvious that Brazilian Jujitsu is one of the true winners.

Although this South American form of self-defense has some similarities to traditional judo, and other forms of Asian martial arts, there are 5 important differences that set this form of Brazilian martial arts apart from the others.

Provides Skills Suitable for any Situation

No matter what provocation or situation may arise the individuals who are trained in BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) will remain calm and assertive. While this form of self-defense is not intended to be an ‘ego trip' it does enhance a person's self-confidence and intensifies their mental focus.

Brazilian judo is a combination of South American Jiu Jitsu and traditional judo. With the combination of these techniques, well-honed training and intense focus it is said that students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are prepared for any scenario where they may be called upon to defend themselves, or others.

The student is taught how to maintain control and direction of the battle that is taking place. Some people have described BJJ as being similar to a physical game of chess. Moves, counter-moves and combat strategies can be utilized to give one person a distinctive edge even if they are much smaller and weaker than their opponent.

Fun Workout

Today many students are discovering that BJJ training is fun, exhilarating and provides them with a wonderful physical and mental workout. There are large numbers of enthusiasts who practice the lessons just to enjoy the intense exercise and workout routines. If you want to improve your physical condition then this sport will deliver real results.

Gi vs Ghi

While similar to the traditional ghi, the outfits worn by BJJ students and instructors also have some important differences. The legs and sleeves are designed with tighter fitting cuffs and a trimmer style. The purpose of these features is to provide better protection for the wearer by limiting the amount of material that an opponent can grasp or manipulate.

Foot-locks, Chokeholds and Joint-Locks

These are distinguishing holds and techniques that are specifically used by individuals who have been trained in martial arts from Brazil such as Brazilian jujitsu. Forcing submission through the use of these moves are part of what makes BJJ such a unique, and physical, sport.

Ground Fighting

This style of self-defense is often described as ‘ground fighting' due to the fact that the techniques target ‘grappling' and ‘ground moves' as opposed to emphasizing ‘standing strikes and counterstrikes'. Dominating an opponent who has been ‘taken to the ground' is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Brazilian jiu jitsu. A larger opponent is more easily controlled once you have them on the ground and can grapple with them. This is one of the reasons that Brazilian martial arts instructors place such emphasis is placed on ‘ground fighting' holds and techniques. 

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