5 Hit Brazilian Pop Music Selections

The musicians that make up the Brazilian pop music charts of today, have one thing in common; lyrical poetry. When blended with rich rhythmic tones of guitar, violin, accordion, and the twinkling of a triangle, the synchronized sound provides a backdrop of pleasure to the perfectly trained voices. Here is a diverse selection of today's most popular pop songs that fit the taste of any music lover.

Ficando Louco (Getting Crazy) by Pixote

The tones of a lone saxophone, together with light background rhythms, is a refreshing change from the hard metallic confusion of other cultures. Elemental, poetic, and a sharp recognition of words, puts Pixote on top for a relaxing sound.

Buque de Flores (Bouquet of Flowers) by Thiaguinho

This once shy, local singer/composer, appears anything but confident when taking center stage with his magnificent voice. The light, airy ballad of this Brazil music, coaxes everyone to join in with song and dance, as the orchestra and chorus, lift you to a more positive place.

Sensacoes (Sensations) by Paula Fernandes

An outstanding example of poetic excellence pours from the lips of this aspiring, young artist. Warm acoustics are all that are needed as you feel the warmth wrap around the clearly defined words, giving you reason to pause and reflect. This is Brazil's pop music at its finest.

Pega eu (I Handle) by Fernando e Sorocaba

Let the Portuguese festivities begin! There is no lack of smiles and dancing with this upbeat, cowboy-stepping tune. Plenty of beat, accordion, and a fast pace is a good example of Brazil music that gets your feet moving.

Ai se eu te Pego (Ah, When I get my Hands on You) by Michel Telo

Combine the best of rhythm, rap, and hand-clapping fun, and you have Michel Telo. A little bit of European, a little bit of American, and of course, lots of hip-swinging Brazilian taste, this tune is always heard at beach parties.

Although the pop music of Brazil may regularly change by artist and song, the creativity and beat is always well-defined. The recent move toward folk-lore is a perfect pact with Brazil music, lyrics and amazing voices. A fine mixture of MPB, Bossa nova, Funk carioca, and good old international Rock-and-Roll, will leave you wanting to hear the newest version of each new stunning artist and melody.

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