Brazilian Singers - Who are the 5 Most Famous?

The most famous Brazilian singers is a pretty subjective topic but there are some that do stand out and so here are my own personal top five. If you are about to visit Brazil and want to take in the musical heritage to the full, then it is useful to know a little more about Brazil Music and some of its more famous singers. 

1. Marisa Monte

Marisa Monte has sold over 10 million albums which I guess would make her somewhat of a famous singer :) She combines a lot of the traditions of popular Brazilian music with some baroque and pop themes.

She is also a bit of a cross-over artist, because she has made numerous artistic collaborations with musicians in the United States. She even performed at the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London in the Handover Ceremony to mark the passing of the torch to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games.

2. Tom Jobim

Tom Jobim sadly passed away in 1994, but he is most know for composing "The Girl from Ipanema" which is one of the most popular songs of all time in Brazil.

He was mainly known for Bossa Nova and Popular Brazilian styles of music, and many of his songs are considered to be classics among pop and jazz aficionados.

The release of his album Getz/Gilberto in 1963 started a trend for similar styles of music in the United States during the 1960s.

3. Renato Russo

Renato Russo began in a punk rock band called "Electric Abortion", but later split up, with Renato heading up one of the two new bands that formed called Legiao Urbana.

Renato is something of a legend of Brazilian Punk with his unique song-writing style that included epically long songs of over ten minutes in length!

He died in October 1996 due to complications caused from having contracted AIDS.

4. Michel Telo

If Latin Pop and Country music is your thing musically, and you live in Brazil, then you have almost certainly heard of Michel Telo, who had a big international hit with the song "Oh, If I Catch You" in 2008.

(The Brazilian version actually translates to "Oh, If I Get You!")

He married one of his fans, who was a dentist, but the pain ended up being more than in his teeth, because they got divorced in early 2012.

5. Elis Regina

Elis Regina sung Brazilian popular music and was particularly known for being an outstanding live performer.

She died at the tragically young age of 36 in 1982.

Brazil has a rich and wonderful tradition of Brazilian Singers in addition to these five, so make sure to explore that tradition and enjoy the music!

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