Facts about Rio de Janeiro - 5 Little Known Secrets

Facts About Rio de Janeiro

Facts about Rio de Janeiro are fascinating, and there is no wonder why thousands of people travel there to experience everything on offer. This incredible city in Brazil is world famous for several reasons. Whether you are traveling there for the electric atmosphere, stunning natural beauty or breath taking beaches there is plenty to see and do.

Surf bus and surfing- The beaches in Rio de Janeiro are breathtaking, and there are vast numbers of sun worshipers attracted to them. However, one of the unusual facts about Rio de Janeiro is the excellent surf schools in the area.

The surf bus picks up from Rio's city center three times a day and transports people and their boards to the surf beaches. These provide excellent waves and spectacular water for the surfers to enjoy.

Rock Climbing- There are some incredible mountains in Rio de Janeiro, however, remarkably few people know that you can climb some of them. Rio is considered as one of the best places, to experience rock climbing in the world.

Not only does Rio offer traditional rock climbing in the breathtaking Tijuca Forest, but also urban climbing in the city. Sugarloaf Mountain will provide you with an incredible climbing experience, close to your hotel with stunning views over the city.

Ice cream- This frozen delicacy can be found everywhere, and the locals will often be seen eating ice cream everywhere they go. Virtually every corner of the city will have an ice cream parlor for you to enjoy. This is one of the many unusual facts about Rio de Janeiro that is kept secret; however, you must try the ice cream.

There is a vast array of different flavors for you to enjoy, from traditional, exotic tastes, to unusual delicacies. The ice cream is exactly what you need after an energetic day in the city.

Samba Schools- Carnival is immense in Rio de Janeiro, however, where do you think the locals learn their moves. Many of the kids are self taught, however, huge numbers of dancers that perform in the carnivals attend samba schools throughout the city. You can attend school and watch the dancers as they practice their performances for the next carnival.

You will be mesmerized by the technique and skill which is in the school. As the carnival approaches the students will be performing full dress rehearsals, allowing you to experience the vibrant costumes before the carnival begins.

Nightlife and entertainment- there are plenty of different nightclubs, bars and places to enjoy the vibrant culture and music. However, if you move away from the traditional tourist areas, you will experience the real electric atmosphere of the city. One of the best known facts about Rio de Janeiro is that the locals love to party, however, experiencing it in person is incredible.

Lapa is one of the local places that have international DJ's and exciting music options. Another popular place is Tavares Basto, which is safe, vibrant and has a great atmosphere. Jazz night on a Friday, is well worth the trip, and with stunning views back over the beach you can enjoy every element of Rio.

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