Florianopolis Brazil - The 5 Coolest Things to Do in Floripa

Florianopolis Brazil

Florianopolis Brazil has a population of just over 400,000 and is a extremely popular destination for people to spend their vacations. This incredible sub tropical island in the beautiful country of Brazil has so much to offer. Although connected to the rest of the country by a bridge, Floripa feels as if you are in an entirely different place.

Stunning Scenery- With the rolling mountains and lush rain forests the scenery is breath taking and one of the wondrous reasons why people visit. The natural beauty which this island produces, is fascinating and will ensure that you have plenty to see. Alongside the incredible rain forests, you will also discover awe inspiring coastlines, cascading waterfalls and expansive dunes. There are astounding hiking opportunities that will allow you to explore the scenery in Floripa.

Breath Taking Beaches- It's best known for the incredible beaches that are on offer and you will ever tire of walking along the golden sand. With over 42 different beaches to explore, there is something for everyone in Floripa. The best surfing in Brazil can be found on the island, which attracts surfers from all over the world. The strict building laws in The city ensures that no structures can be built within 100 yards of the beach. This guarantees an excellent view and an entirely nature feel to the beaches.

Vibrant Nightlife- Brazil is renowned for being a party capital and this city is certainly no different. The people on the island know how to party and there is always some fiesta for you to join in with. You need to remember that the people in Brazil party late, so ensure that you do not go out looking for the party too early. Often the partying can be found in the beach bars and along the beach. There are some excellent nightclubs within Floripa to discover, and you will be amazed how electric the atmosphere is.

Water Sports- Floripa offers a vast array of different water sports and ensures that all water enthusiasts are catered for. Whether you want to enjoy the incredible waves, exciting wind surfing or tranquil scuba diving, there is something for everyone. The underwater world around the coast is magnificent, and you can spend hours exploring the beautiful bays and rock pools. There are plenty of water sport centers located around the island, to ensure that you have plenty of choice.

Old Town- The majority of people head for Florianopolis Brazil for the beaches and nightlife, however, the old town offers so much more. The city center transports you back in time with the old cobbled streets and historical buildings. The colonial history that surrounds the city is fascinating, and will provide you with hours of exploration. Although this side of Floripa, is not as well known, tourists are beginning to discover everything the city has to offer.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Florianopolis Brazil, you will never be disappointed, and you can leave feeling refreshed and inspired. The tranquil feeling of the island is magnificent and ensures that you will have a vacation which you will never forget.


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