The Brazilian Samba Dancer - 5 Reasons Why They're So Famous

Samba Dancer

The Brazilian Samba Dancer is one of the first things that pops into people's minds when they think of Brazil. Brazil is famous for a lot of things. They have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

There are several world famous soccer players that grew up in Brazil. They are famous, and rightly so. They are a big part of Carnaval, especially in Rio. Here are 5 reasons why the dancers are famous.

The costumes. Everyone knows about the Brazilian samba costumes. They are lavishly beaded and feathered. They are also almost non-existent. There are couple of reasons to this. The biggest one is that Carnaval takes place during the hot Brazilian summer, and sambaing down the road for an hour or more in the parades can cause heat stroke. Plus, the dancers all have fantastic bodies, from spending all that time practicing, so they might as well show them off.

The pride. In Brazil, during Carnaval, samba isn't just about dancing. Samba is about pride. Each neighborhood has their own samba school, and everyone who can goes there to learn how to dance, and to be in their parades. Those who can't dance spend time putting together the costumes. The schools are part of a competition, and being the winning school is a huge honor.

The costumes, part 2. Along with being skimpy, the costumes are covered with tens of thousands of beads, sequins and feathers. That all has to be done by hand. One costume can take hundreds, or even thousands, or man hours to make. Plus, they all follow a theme. Each year, each school decides on a theme. Then all the costumes and floats are designed around that theme. While some of the basic, generic costumes are able to be reused, most of them have to be remade every year. That's why the schools start planning immediately. They want to make sure their samba dancers are the best dressed out there.

The talent. Brazilian samba dancers have to be really talented, and they spend a lot of time practicing. They hone their natural talent over hours and hours and hours of practice. All that practice and all that talent makes for a fantastic show.

The show. Finally, the thing that makes them so famous is the show. You get a whole lot of dancers in one place dancing together, and it is a big show. When all those dancers really get into the beat and into the music, and they are dancing in unison, there really is nothing that can beat it.

Carnaval is the most famous thing that happens in Brazil. The famous samba dancer is a big part of what makes it famous. If you can make the trip, you should see Carnaval at least once in your life and see these famous dancers in person. It's something you'll never forget.

Brazilian Samba Dancers

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